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Lessons in Air Combat

Have you ever seen the movies Top Gun or Iron Eagle? Well, forget about everything you saw there. That was Hollywood. Here, you can learn about just what those fancy F-14 Tomcats and F-16 Falcons do in real life, among other things.

Not all the terms you encounter in the lessons will be the official ones used by Air Forces around the world, though many of them will be. What I'm trying to give you is a working knowledge of the part played by aircraft on the modern battlefield.

Depending on your level of experience, you can select from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lessons.



Lessons 1 - 5: Air Superiority

Lessons 6 - 8: Tools of the Trade

Lessons 9-12: Specialty Missions



Lessons 13 - 20: Fighters and Interceptors of the World

Lessons 21 - 25: Strike and Attack Aircraft of the World

Lessons 26 - 30: Bombers of the World

Lessons 31 - 35: Support Aircraft of the World

Lessons 36 - 38: Air-to-Air Weaponry

Lessons 39 - 45: Air-to-Ground Weaponry

Lessons 46 - 55: An Overview of Major World Air Forces

Lessons 56 - 61: Mission Specific Profiles



Lessons 62 - 68: Air Defense Equipment and Tactics

Lessons 69 - 77: Air Combat at the Tactical Level

Lessons 78 - 83: A Strategic Overview of Air Combat

Lessons 74 - 75: The Structure of a Theater Air Component

Lessons 76 - 79: Naval Aviation and an Introduction to Naval Tactics


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